Standard Health Questionnaire

Diagnosis Code/Condition Number Database for SHQ – October 1, 2009

(Formerly called, “Guide to Marking Medical Conditions on the Standard Health Questionnaire.”)

The purpose of this database is to enable users to quickly identify the SHQ Condition Number for specific diagnoses.

The format of the October 1, 2009, database differs from our prior database called, “Guide to Marking Medical Conditions on the Standard Health Questionnaire.” The database has been enhanced to include all diagnosis codes included in the SHQ condition numbers rather than being limited to our actuary’s response to submitted inquiries only. It uses a search function based on diagnosis code.

In order to ensure that the information pulled from the database is accurate, you must enter the ICD-9 diagnosis code exactly as it appears in the current ICD-9 manual (including all zeroes before or after the decimal point). If you are an applicant and you do not know the diagnosis code for your medical condition, you may obtain that information from your physician. There are also resources available regarding diagnosis codes such as the following website: . Alternatively, if you cannot find your condition listed in the SHQ, you may simply write your condition in the "Write-in Conditions" section of the questionnaire.

Some searches may pull more than one SHQ Condition Number depending on how recently the applicant was treated for the condition, what type of treatment was obtained, and whether surgery was involved.

This data base is intended to identify the SHQ Condition Numbers listed in the left hand column of the SHQ that are associated with specific medical diagnosis codes. We make every effort to keep the database as accurate and complete as possible. If the database differs in any way from the SHQ and scoring system, the SHQ and scoring system shall govern.


Enter Diagnosis code:

Please note that this data base is meant to be a guide. Coding practices and codes themselves change over time.  This data base uses the diagnosis codes from 2008 and prior that were used in the development of the SHQ.